What is our database about?

Our new database has the following benefits for OTC investors;

  • You can see most of the meaningful OTC companies instantly.

The OTC market is large and notoriously filled with companies which are not attractive for investment. During our time in the market, we have compiled a database featuring only the companies we believe should deserve the attention of the investors. Thus, investors do not have to through the 7,000+ stocks in the market. They can jumpstart their research with our database of over 400 stocks.

Even the most seasoned investors can miss attractive OTC opportunities just because of the sheer size of the market. With this database this should not happen.

  • We have fundamental data.

The database features fundamental data through which one can screen the stocks. This is making it easier to start using the database. There is also price data which allows you to screen for interesting price action in various time ranges. For many dark companies featured in the database, we also have financials, thus making it easier for investors to navigate this part of the OTC market.

We are also looking to expand the fundamental data set over time.

  • We have comments.

For each stock in the database, we provide our own commentary. This allows investors to quickly grasp the context of the company. We also provide any interesting URL links connecting to other research etc. The database also allows you to leave a comment, interact and share information.

For more information on how it actually all looks, please see the video below.

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