Svenda’s Manual began as a project of Jan Svenda, who ran his own self-published newsletter for two years. Since then he joined forces with other investors.

Jan Svenda

I started my OTC newsletter in 2017. During that time, I went through the OTC market many times, amassing knowledge of many meaningful OTC stocks. For a year I was also working with OTC-focused fund manager on various legal situations. I approach investing from the deep value angle. I am also intensely interested in short-selling.

David J. Flood

I am a UK based value investor managing my own capital. In recent years I have become increasingly interested in the OTC markets due to an abundance of intriguing investment opportunities to be found there.

In 2018 I founded the website Elementaryvalue.com to write about investing and stocks, the majority of my work is focused on OTC stocks including dark pink-sheets and grey market issues. The vast proportion of my free time is currently spent scouring the OTC markets in search of interesting investment opportunities.

David Lojkasek

I am an equity analyst based in Prague, Czech Republic mostly focused on re/insurance companies, banks and other financial firms.

Recently, I took upon a journey to learn Python, SQL and other languages to help me automate my data analysis. At the same time, I developed the online database for Svenda’s Manual.

Guest contributors

Svenda’s Manual also works with other OTC investors who were willing to share ideas with us.

  • Safety in Value

Safety in Value runs a Seeking Alpha marketplace which is focused on covering the microcap space. His favourite stocks usually feature a deep value or event-driven thesis such as arbitrage opportunities.

  • Positive Gamma

The author runs an equity derivatives book for a financial institution. He is also a private investor managing his savings with a long term view, very low turnover and a margin of safety, contrarian approach. He likes to be Gamma Positive in every situation, gaining from the large, unexpected movements. He has a master degree in Physics and 20 years of working experience. You can connect with him on Twitter.

  • Thomas Niel

Thomas Niel is a blogger and nano-cap/OTC investor, covering the space since 2016. His articles and analysis have been published on Broken Leg Investing, Focused Compounding, and Seeking Alpha. You can check out his latest ideas by subscribing to his (FREE) Substack newsletter, Value Never Sleeps.

  • Braxton Gann

Braxton Gann is an investor who occasionally writes at White Chip Stocks blog.

  • Richard Kogut

Richard is a seasoned and active OTC investor. You can reach out to him via Twitter.